New Iridology software module for VedaPulse

Release of the new Iridology software module

Introducing the new functionality of the VedaPulse device - the Iridology software module. Iridology is designated for assessing the condition of your patients to identify the connection between the unique signs of the iris of the eye and diseases of internal organs, helping to determine the correct therapy protocols. With the help of the module, you will be able to independently master the holistic method of iridodiagnosis.

GDV GEO research 2020, earthquake

Dear friends!

After a short time, we have resumed research related to the short-term earthquake prediction. Our device, GDV GEO is installed in the Taraclia region of the Republic of Moldova, which is located in the seismically active zone of the Carpathian Mountains, Vranchea, Romania.


III International Online-congress "AYURVEDA TODAY" 2020

III International Online Congress 
February, 1-2, 2020
"Anti-age therapy: traditions and trends"

1st International online Congress "ProPulse-2019"

November, 2, 2019
Starting time: 5 am (UTC)
Webinar recording available


GDV-Hirudo new software program

The GDV-Hirudo program is designed to analyze the information-entropy effect of leech infection after Hirudo-therapy.


VedaPulse Cyber Monday Deals WEEKEND! 

Only until November, 26th, 2018

Results of International Scientific Conference "GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects" 2018

Dear Friends,
International Scientific and Practical Conference "GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects" 2018 held in July, 19-23 finished with success.

GDV Technologies 2018. Opportunities and Prospects.

International scientific and practical Conference

"GDV Technologies. Opportunities and Prospects."

Russia, St. Petersburg, July 19 - 23, 2018

The art of reading the pulse. Dr. Vasant Lad

NādīVijñāmam: The art of reading the pulse

Begin to understand and practice with basic Āyurvedic pulse assessment.

Date: 31 of March and 26 of May, 2018 
Format: webinar (online)

Ayurveda TODAY "Uniting traditions and science"

International online Congress of Ayurveda

February 3 - 4, 2018

We invite you to participate in the international Ayurvedic online congress, where you can learn from leading experts and find out about the current issues of Ayurveda development around the world, pecularities of its practical application in different countries.

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