GDV GEO research 2020, earthquake

Dear friends!

After a short time, we have resumed research related to the short-term earthquake prediction. Our device, GDV GEO is installed in the Taraclia region of the Republic of Moldova, which is located in the seismically active zone of the Carpathian Mountains, Vranchea, Romania.


Almost immediately, we received very interesting data. On the graphs, we observe changes in the curve - a decrease in area and an increase in intensity, starting at approximately 6:30 in the morning of April 18. The official website of the National Institute of Earth Physics, Romania ( provides direct information on seismic activity. On April 18 at 19:17 an earthquake of magnitude 3.8 occurred; the other one on April 19 at 07:16 of magnitude of 3.4.


GDV GEO research earthquake

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