VedaLaser - therapeutic laser device with a function of searching for acupuncture points on human body. It helps restore the normal functional state of the human body, helping to maintain a high immunity level.  It treats many conditions by using the coherent light of a diffused laser, microelectrophoresis of silver ions and sujok therapy. It also provides the added benefit for clients of being self operable so it is therefore possible under guidance from a trained practitioner to be used in the comfort of their home which adds significant value to the treatment process so that as per traditional Chinese acupuncture clients can self treat at the required times of the day as per the needs of the organ system being treated.


  • Non invasive therapy
  • Built in detector of biologically active points that allows the device to be used at home by non-professionals
  • Simultaneous action of laser light, microelectrophoresis of silver ions and pressure acupuncture
  • Best non-medicated solution for elderly people
  • Perfect for treating children


VedaLaser supplyes with acupuncture manual which includes: BAP-atlas (acupressure points) and recommendations of using VedaLaser pen in various diseases.


  • Correct 630-650 nM wavelength
  • 5 mW power for safety
  • Dimensions  5,34×1,05×0,78 in
  • Weight of VedaLaser pen is 1,575 oz
  • Uses 2 batteries AAA (included)

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