GDV + HRV: future center of integrative science about consciousness

Leonid Doroshenko, Oleg Sorokin, candidate of medical science, Biokvant LLC., Novosibirsk, Russia

What unites and what distinguishes the two methods of studying the human nature – Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and what are the opportunities of using them together?

First, let’s look at what is the subject of the study. In the basis of HRV method lies registration and analysis of electrical activity of pacemaker heart cells – studying the time intervals between signals that help regulating the blood circulation process in the body. From philosophical point of view, the subject of the study is rhythmic manifestation of the human vital energy coming from the heart.

The GDV subject of study is a subtle physical (field) structure of the living tissue, which reveals itself through kirlian light in one of the most distant zones of blood movement from the heart– fingertips. As they say, if you want to learn something about the country – see how people live in the poorest regions of it. In this regard, fingertips are this “poor region” where blood delivers nutritional substances and oxygen last of all.

But, on the other hand, fingertips is not just that part of the body which cools every time the body experiences stress and redistributes resources to the more important organs and systems. First of all, our sensitive touch is located in fingertips.

Our consciousness receives information though five sense organs: hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell. We listed them in accordance with their correlation with the five first elements of the ancient Vedic tradition. 

Sense First element (nature) 
Hearing  Ether
Touch              Air
Sight Fire
Taste Water
Smell Earth


Fingertips of an outstretched arm – is that edge where human’s personal space ends and touches the outside world. If the heart is the center of human vital energy, then fingertips is the tool for exploring the world. Yes, it is just one of the channels of exploring the world which individual human consciousness uses. However, according to the law of fractal similarity, each of the five senses, representing the five first elements, is connected to all five of them. We can touch the world with our fingertips expressing the whole range of our feelings (five first elements) – from a very light ether touch to a very rude material contact.

Therefore, by touching the world, we can catch both the very subtle materia tissue, and the thickest. In addition, we can feel all five first elements by our fingertips and express them in our touch. This is the uniqueness of the fingers: they are at the same time a sense organ and organ of expressing feelings.

Note. The subtle tissue of material world (in metaphysical meaning – ether) can be sensed and expressed by some people, not all of them, while the other four are easily available to everyone. By the way, in this regard, the name of GDV attachment “Fifth element” should be understood symbolically. The thing is that, starting from the ancient times, the European civilization including alchemists and astrologists, operated, mainly with the four elements, losing the fifth one from time to time. GDV brings the European civilization the lost Fifth element.

What is the common field of study for HRV and GDV, from the philosophical point of view?

Heart rhythm is a dance, which expresses human self-awareness; fingers’ glowing light is his attitude towards the world. Dual pair – human and the world. 

Two perspectives on the relationship between the human and the world are the following:

• expressing oneself as a personality – HRV,

• discovering the world and contact with the world – GDV.

Using the terminology of astrologers, we can say that the HRV is an ascendant, and GDV is a descendant in the birth chart.

From philosophical point of view, any disease can be viewed as a conflict between the individual consciousness and the world. Just like the conflict inside the personality, which can’t find a way for expressing itself in the outside world, the conflict with the world itself – is an inability to adapt to the changing conditions of life.

If we look at the possibilities of using GDV and HRV together from the perspective of natural philosophy concept of five elements, both approaches represent Air, i.e. principle of movement, which allows in dialectics to analyze both an individual evolution of a personality, and its place in the general evolutional flow of life. Using the two methods together, opens up great opportunities to look at the human consciousness from two sides.

It is important to mention, that heart as a vital center of the personality is connected to all the five sense organs – channels that the personality uses to explore the world. Furthermore, the GDV+HRV tandem performs studying, first of all, of one – sensory (“air”) channel, while the other five elements are present only by the law of fractal similarity, as each element generates all five elements. Nevertheless, air is the main carrier of information, as air is the movement.

Practical opportunities of using the GDV and HRV together

1. Opportunity to receive official recognition of GDV as a method for evaluation of functional state of the body within the general adaptational syndrome. HRV method has already received recognition from the European Society of Cardiology and North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology in 1996. Now it is necessary to collect statistical data of  synchronous assessments of HRV and GDV, which would reflect the correlation of the results received by the two methods in evaluation of stress level and adaptational resources, and publish them in peer-reviewed scientific journals. These publications can be referred to during certification of GDV sets in different national healthcare systems. Currently, the use of GDV is limited, mainly, by research and educational purposes. Certification of the devices together with certification of the user training creates prerequisites for inclusion of GDV in the sphere of insurance medicine.

2. Creation of methods for psychophysiological analysis of personality, based on the GDV and HRV results interpretation. Analysis of connection “energy potential of the person – external realization of personality”.

3. Integration of the GDV and HRV assessments results into common information space, creation of a cloud application available to all users of GDV and HRV – anyone who uses these methods together, or separately. A common software platform will provide new opportunities for communication for anyone who’s interested in it, and will create prerequisites for a formation of a community of people who are systematically studying the nature of a human consciousness. If successful, this common GDV-HRV platform can become a center of the future system science about consciousness due to the inclusion of other methods of registration of biological signals into it.

We invite everyone who is interested in both research and practical use of the GDV and HRV methods together, to contact us.


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