GDV Eco-tester


The GDV Eco-Tester is intended for measuring signals of sensors
registering pa­rameter variations of the environment, in off-line mode without connection to the computer. It can be used together with the sensors of the GDV Fifth Element.

The GDV Eco-Tester makes it possible to measure parameters of the environment during many hours without direct connection to the computer. The GDV Eco-Tester is convenient to carry out studies of natural objects where the electrical network is not available.

The "GDV Scientific Laboratory" program in complete set.

Complete set of accessories:


  1. 1. Impulse analyzer GDV Eco Tester
  2. 2. Light protection cover with test object holder.  
  3. 3. Test object
  4. 4. Universal wire.
  5. 5. Power cable
  6. 6. AC/DC  adapter 110-240 V/12 V
  7. 7. Power cord for battery
  8. 8. Cloth napkin
  9. 9. Measuring electrode "Sputnik-1"
  10. 10. Technical passport. 
  11. 11. User manual.
  12. 12. Bag
  13. 13. Cover glasses (1 pack – 100 pcs.)
  14. 14. USB-port lock for GDV Software-2019.


    Additional accessories are delivered on user’s request:

  • Car adapter for power supply from the standard cigarette lighter socket in the car.
  • Battery no less than 12 V 4 A/hr.
  • Flash drive no more than 2Gb.
  • Measuring electrodes from the complete set of accessories of the attachment 5th Element. 


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