GDV Compact


The "GDV Compact" is designed for computer registration and analysis of GDV-images of human fingers. The device can be operated from an external power supply or built-in battery (supplied on special demand). It is used in scientific and research studies in biology and medicine. The GDV Compact is easy in handling, small-size and portable instrument.

The software package
of the GDV Compact includes:

  • GDV Capture

The FULL Software package 2023 of the GDV Compact includes (for additional cost):

  • GDV Capture,
  • GDV Energy Field,
  • GDV Diagram,
  • GDV Chakra,
  • GDV Screening,
  • GDV Sport,
  • GDV Atlas,
  • GDV Motivation,
  • GDV Neurotonus,
  • GDV Interpretation,
  • GD. Veda,
  • GDV Effect,
  • GDV Viewer,
  • GDV Scientific Laboratory.

Specific features:

1. 54 mm diameter optical lens, which enables to decrease the incoming power of electromagnetic field.
2. The above mentioned feature gives an opportunity to decrease power consumption and make the "GDV Compact" 12 V battery operated on client's demand. A rechargeable battery is installed inside the instrument and provides operation for 3-4 hours. In this case, charging
device is included with the GDV Compact.
3. 1 mode only.
4. Overall computer control.
5. Possibility of working with the whole package of GDV Software. "GDV Capture" and 3 additional programs are included with the "GDV Compact" by default. Other programs are supplied on demand.
6. Low price.


- The GDV Compact impulse analyzer
- Test-object
- Test-object holder
- Reference electrode
- USB cable
- AC/DC adapter
- Cover with shading cap
- Filters
- Bag
- Technical data sheet
- The GDV Software Manual
- CD for the Compact drivers and GDV software installation

Technical Characteristics:

1. Operating conditions:
      – air temperature from +10°С  to  +35°С;
      – relative air humidity up to до 75%  at  +30°С;
      – air pressure from  84  to  106,7 kPa  (630 – 800 mm Hg).
2. The GDV Compact operates either from an external power source 12±1 V DC, or from battery (option).
3. Maximal power consumption – no more than 20 W.
4. Weight with accessories – no more than 4,5kgг.
5. Overall dimensions – no more than   250x200x130 mm.
6. Pulse repetition frequency 1000±100 Hz.
7. Single pulse duration – no more than 10 µs.
8. USB-port control of the operation and image transmission to the computer 
9. Operation during 8 hours in an off and on operating mode: 30 min of operation should be followed by a 10 min break. 
10. Average lifetime – no less than 4 years

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