GDV Fifth Element


The "GDV Fifth Element" attachment is used to estimate the state of the environment by measuring basic nature components.

The device makes it possible to detect, e.g. geopathic zones and to find places most suitable for spiritual practices. It can also be used to determine favorable zones for sleep, work and leisure in living quarters. Besides it enables to estimate the geographic position of sacred places from a new viewpoint during the expeditions for historical and regional studies.

The attachment works from a built-in battery and is used together with the "GDV Compact" or "GDV Camera".

Technical characteristics:

  1. Operating conditions:
    – air temperature from +10°С  to  +30°С; 
    – relative air humidity up to до 75%  at  +30°С; 
    – air pressure from  84  to  106,7 kPa  (630 – 800 mm Hg).
  2. Weight – no ore than 2,5 kg.
  3. Overall dimensions – no more than 135x273x146 mm.
  4. Operation from an internal power source (battery) 12±1 V DC.
  5. Maximal power consumption – no more than 10 W.
  6. Number of input channels – 5.
  7. Average lifetime – no more than 4 years.

Hardware: 5th Element, Electrodes: wood, water, air, soil. Charging device, USB cable, etc. 

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