Bioenergy is an expert extension to VedaPulse Professional. It can be used by a wide range of specialists who practice Oriental medicine. It includes two main tabs: Chakras and Energy field.


Energy of chakras is reflected in a ten-grade system:


  • 0—1,5 grades — lack of energy
  • 1,5—5 grades — normal state
  • 5—10 grades — state of tension



Coccygeal neuroplex, prostate (for men), G-spot (for women). Controls excretion processes. Connected to Bhuta Prithvi (Earth) and subdosha Apana Vata. Reflects Ojasa state.


Sacral neuroplex, hypogastric neuroplex. Controls urinary and reproductive systems. Connected to Bhuta Jala (Water), subdoshas Apana Vata, Avalambaka Kapha.


Lumbar neuroplex, solar plexus. Controls abdominal area. Connected to Bhuta Agni (Fire), subdoshas Pachaka Pitta, Ranjaka Pitta, Samana Vata.


Chest neuroplex. Controls cardiovascular system, lung function, thyroid gland. Connected to Bhuta Vayu (Wind), subdoshas Prana Vata, Vyana Vata, Ranjaka Pitta, Sadhaka Pitta, Avalambaka Kapha, Tarpaka Kapha.


Vishudha. Neck neuroplex. Controls the connection between the sense organs and subcortical structures, and hypothalamus. Connected to Bhuta Akasha (Ether), subdoshas Udana Vata.


Epiphyse and pituitary. Controls projection of the mind through left brain hemisphere (logic). Connected to subdosha Sadhaka Pitta.


Controls projection of the mind through right brain hemisphere (intuition). Connected to Tarpaka Kapha..

Energy field


This tab allows visually assessing both general condition of adaptation resources and their local distribution through the body systems. This tab will be very helpful in observing the dynamics of the functional state of the body after different treatments or influence. Moreover, this tab will show the entire recovery process of the body if you conduct regular assessments during rehabilitation.

How does it work?

The program schematically draws a field structure around the human figure. Size of this field shows adaptation resources of a person. Dips in the field configuration illustrate the lack of the functional resources in one of the body systems. It is highlighted in yellow. 

Green indicates sufficient resources in the organs. Accordingly, red indicates the body systems with highly mobilized resources. 

Accordingly, red indicates the body systems with highly mobilized resources. 

When you put the mouse over any area of the field, window with the name of the functional body system will appear. 

Numerical value of both the power of the energy field as a whole and the parts corresponding to each of the systems is calculated additionally. If the power of the energy field is more than 100%, it indicates increased adaptation resources.

Why do we need Charkas analysis?

Use of a combination of different methods helps to assess the patient state more objectively. You shouldn’t get stuck on just one of them. We designed an expert extension that allows performing chakras’ analysis to obtain a full picture as much as possible. It allows to quickly and more accurately assess the state of each chakra by defining what happens to the body energy. Diagnostics of chakras with our expert extension allows to easily determine what is going on with their energy: whether it is normal level, lack or excess of energy that can result in tension.

Moreover, you can obtain the most complete picture of analysis of the human energy field, namely, his internal organs. Information will be displayed as a convenient scheme and specialists who only begin to work with our method will be able to analyze it. The tab will allow to test the state of the resources as a whole and also analyze performance of each body system. Color designations of the amount of the resources are used for more convenience. Calculations of the numeric values of the field power are also performed.


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