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International online Congress of Ayurveda

February 3 - 4, 2018

We invite you to participate in the international Ayurvedic online congress, where you can learn from leading experts and find out about the current issues of Ayurveda development around the world, pecularities of its practical application in different countries.

  • 9 countries
  • more than 30 world famous experts
  • 500 participants
  • 2 full days

The congress will be online, in the format of webinars so that you will be able to participate in it from any part of the world via any device.
If you don’t have time to be online during all the congress, there will be recordings of the lectures. The records will be available only to the participants of the congress.
The participants wiil have a certificate of attendance after the congress.

  • Full congress - 35$
  • 1st day - 18$
  • 2st day - 18$

The Congress programm
(*UTC time):

February 3d, 2018

Oleg V.Sorokin (Russia) - MD, PhD. Executive director of NAMA, speech language - Russian
The role of National Ayurvedic Medical Association in the development of Ayurveda in Russia
D. Jeysundar (India) - Director of the cultural center n.a. Jawaharlal Nehru under the Embassy of the Republic of India in Russia
The content of the speech is being specified
Dinesh Katoch (India) - Adviser (Ayurveda) Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India
Emerging Scope and Domain of Ayurveda in Imparting Healthcare Services
Shantala Priyadrshini (India) - Professor & Head, Government Ayurveda medical college, Special officer at Research institute, Government of Karnataka, Mysore
Integration of Ayurvedic dietology in the work of wellness consultants in Europe
Ram Manohar (India) - Research Director at Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Āyurveda (ĀCĀRA)
Review of the modern research tendencies in the field of Ayurveda
Rama Jayasundar (India) - Professor, All India Institute of Medical Sciences
Specific aspects of teaching Ayurveda to Western medical doctors and scientists
Technical break
Narayanan Nambi (India) - BAMS, MD (Ayu), MRAP (Italy), Ph.D
Ayurvedic education today: tendencies and peculiarities for European specialists
Antonio Morandi (Italy) - Chairman & Director of School of Ayurvedic Medicine "Ayurvedic Point";President, SSIMA - Italian Scientific Society for Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurveda Localization: the key for its intelligent use in European environment
Antoaneta Zarkova (Bulgaria) - Bulgarian Ayurveda Association, President Guest lecturer in Ayurveda at Sofia University
Special aspects of the development of Ayurveda in Bulgaria. Review of research and tendencies
Cornelis Peters (Netherlands) - Promoter of Scientific Research on Medicinal Plants Enhancing People's life Coping with Lifestyle Diseases, Ayurveda MD
Integration of Ayurvedic protocols for treating diabetes mellitus in the work of Western specialists
Indira Anand (United Kingdom) - Chair of the British Association of Accredited Ayurvedic Practitioners (BAAAP)
Integrating Yoga and Ayurveda for Optimum Healthcare
Marthanda Varma Sankaran Valiathan (India) - Past-President of the Indian National Science Academy, Association of Indian Universities and currently, a National Research Professor
Ayurvedic biology: an Indian initiative
Atreya Smith (Switzerland) - Ayurvedic doctor, author of six books on the healing traditions of India and three text books for schools of Ayurveda in the West
Ayurvedic psychology as the basis for patient treatment
Technical break
Jorge Luis Berra (Argentina) - Director of Fundacion de Salud Ayurveda Prema, Argentina
How to establish Ayurveda in Latin America, 18.000 km from India?
Madan Thangavelu (India) - PhD, Professor, European Ayurveda Association
The Signs and Science of Wellness: Lessons from India's Traditional Systems of Health and Wellness and Traditional Sciences Informing Future Global Healthcare Systems, Medical Education and Research
Robert Svoboda (USA) - Doctor of Ayurveda, an American writer
Ayurveda and the Spirit of Healing

February 4th, 2018

Dr. Naushad (Thacha Paramamban Naushad Ali) (Russia) - First Ayurvedic physician in Russia
Practical experience of using Ayurveda and the development of Ayurveda in Russia over the past 20 years
Yashaswini Bharadwaj (India) - B.A.M.S., Master of Surgery (Ayu), Ayurveda practitioner in Australia
Comparative analysis of supervision of pregnant women in Ayurveda and modern medicine
Partap Chauhan (India) - Indian Ayurvedic Doctor, Founder of Jiva Ayurveda
Modern tendencies of the development of Ayurveda in the World
Nitin Agraval (India) - Doctor of Ayurveda, Managing Director of Bliss Ayurveda Private Limited
Special aspects of Manufacturing Ayurvedic Medicines for European Specialists and Patients
9:00 - 9:30
Technical break
Mark Rosenberg (Germany) - Managing Director and proprietor of the European Academy of Ayurveda
Challenges and opportunities for Ayurveda in Europe
S. N. Gupta (India) - Head, Post graduate Department of Kayachikitsa J. S. Ayurveda college; Head, Academic advisory board, European Academy of Ayurveda, Birstein, Germany
Analysis of the modern research in the field of Ayurvedic treatment of renal failure
Rohini D Bharadwaj (India) - Professor & Head of the Department Dept. of Rasa Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana K.V.G. Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital
Modern drug research in Ayurveda
Simone Hunziker (Switzerland) - Managing and medical director of SAMA-Swiss Ayurvedic Medical Academy
Ayurveda in Switzerland
Madhaw Singh Baghel (India) - 35 years of teaching experience at Post Graduate level as Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor
Ayurveda in treatment of psychosomatic disorders
Hans Heinrich Rhyner (Switzerland) - MD (Alternative Medicine), Ph.D. (Alternative Medicine), NHP Ayurveda
Review of the modern textbooks in the field of Ayurveda for European specialists
Pooja Sabharwal (India) - Ayurveda academician, Practitioner and Researcher, Assistant Professor of Ayurveda & Consultant at CBPACS, New Delhi, Govt of India
Epigenetic Potential of non pharmacological intervention in oncology
Shekhar Annambholta (USA) - Director of International University of Yoga and Ayurveda (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America)
Analysis of the development of Ayurveda in the USA during the last 20 years

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