New Iridology software module for VedaPulse

Release of the new Iridology software module

Introducing the new functionality of the VedaPulse device - the Iridology software module. Iridology is designated for assessing the condition of your patients to identify the connection between the unique signs of the iris of the eye and diseases of internal organs, helping to determine the correct therapy protocols. With the help of the module, you will be able to independently master the holistic method of iridodiagnosis.

Iridology is a holistic diagnostic method that allows you to determine the health status or recognize the presence of diseases in a person by changes in the iris of their eye.

iridology module for VedaPulse

Since ancient times, doctors have assessed the state of the body through the so-called windows of the body - the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. Over time, it has been found that the "windows of the body" are very sensitive intermediaries between the external world and the internal environment due to the external receptors concentrated in them. Together, they form a well-coordinated system of direct and reverse afferent pathways by which the signals from the body are transmitted to the outside, to the projection zones of the five sensory organs: the iris of the eye, the pinna, the skin, the mucous membranes of the nose and the tongue.


The Iridology module includes a questionnaire that allows the selection of the type and density of the iris, shape of the eye autonomous ring, eye surface condition, pupil size, presence of heterochromia, type of pupil border, etc., when selecting an item in the questionnaire, a description of a possible pathological condition is added to the report.


The Iridology module presents two schemes of projection zones: according to E.S. Velhover and according to B. Jensen.


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