New Iridology software module for VedaPulse

Release of the new Iridology software module

Introducing the new functionality of the VedaPulse device - the Iridology software module. Iridology is designated for assessing the condition of your patients to identify the connection between the unique signs of the iris of the eye and diseases of internal organs, helping to determine the correct therapy protocols. With the help of the module, you will be able to independently master the holistic method of iridodiagnosis.

GDV GEO research 2020, earthquake

Dear friends!

After a short time, we have resumed research related to the short-term earthquake prediction. Our device, GDV GEO is installed in the Taraclia region of the Republic of Moldova, which is located in the seismically active zone of the Carpathian Mountains, Vranchea, Romania.


III International Online-congress "AYURVEDA TODAY" 2020

III International Online Congress 
February, 1-2, 2020
"Anti-age therapy: traditions and trends"

What is GDV?

Gas Discharge Visualization Technique (GDV) is computer registration and analysis of gas discharge glow (GDV-images) of any biological objects placed in a high intensity electromagnetic field. The GDV technique is based on so-called Kirlian effect, named after Semion Kirlian and his wife, who first recorded and studied stimulated electro-photonic images around various objects.
GDV studies involve placing the object on glass electrode into the electric circuit of the device that forms impulses of high-intensity electromagnetic field (with duration 10 micro seconds applied with frequency 1024 Hz).
As a result of impulse effect a sequence of gas discharges is formed during the specified exposure time. Spatial distribution of glow emitting by the discharge is registered by the light-sensitive CCD matrix (a charge-coupled device) situated directly under the glass electrode.
The obtained image is converted into digital format and recorded on the hard disk of the computer as video files in standart format AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) or in BMP format.

One of the most significant applications of the GDV technique today is assisting health professionals in quick and accurate assessment of human state and in comparing effectiveness of various therapies.

The GDV equipments allow:

1.   to diagnosis the physics and psicological state,

GDV Bioelectrography provides early diagnosis of a lot of illnesses. GDV has the potential to serve as an extremely powerful and comprehensive medical diagnostics tool, capable of showing malfunctions of the body before any physical symptoms become evident.

2.   to monitor responses to treatment,

GDV enables us to evaluate and quantify the response of any person to any treatment. A typical procedure involves recording a person’s initial state and the state after the treatment. One will be able to see the changes of the body system on a computer screen.

3.   to quantitative evaluate of individual’s physiological stress level,

4.   to estimate treatment effectiveness,

By recording the human state at some time intervals after a treatment has been applied (typically minutes or hours), it is possible to estimate if the treatment has a temporary or a systematic effect on the human state.

5.   to compare therapies,

GDV method of human state assessment enables comparing various therapies and estimating the best therapy for any given person/condition.

6.   to test new treatments,

Since electrophotonic GDV glow seems to reflect the state of human consciousness, rather than just the body, it is possible to estimate the effect of a new treatment BEFORE actually applying it.

7.   to study person’s individual reaction to the influence of CAM

(informational, energy, physical medicine): oriental techniques, light, sound, air-ions, magnetic field, etc. You can also check the effects of subtle influences such as homeopathy, flower essences, essential oils and wave therapy, including allergic reactions, on individual’s energy.

8.   to see the impact of spiritual sessions,

such as meditation, Reiki, pray, Yoga, emotional release, and many others on your physical wellbeing.

Most popular pages with GDV equipment


GDV Camera

GDV Camera

The "GDV CAMERA PRO" complex consists of hardware and software for the direct computer registration and processing of a subject's energy field. GDV pictures are created by a unique patented optical system and CCD camera in daylight conditions with real-time processing.


GDV Fifth Element

GDV Fifth Element

The "GDV Fifth Element" attachment is used to estimate the state of the environment by measuring basic nature components.

The device makes it possible to detect, e.g. geopathic zones and to find places most suitable for spiritual practices. It can also be used to determine favorable zones for sleep, work and leisure in living quarters.


GDV Compact

GDV Compact

The "GDV Compact" is designed for computer registration and analysis of GDV-images of human fingers. The device can be operated from an external power supply or built-in battery supplied on special demand). It is used in scientific and research studies in biology and
medicine. The GDV Compact is easy in handling, small-size and portable instrument.


GDV Express

GDV Express

The "GDV Express" enables to obtain simultaneous and momentary records of 10 human fingers with the following advantages:
- capturing fingers is 10 times faster.
- carrying capacity increases of the number of subjects.
- simultaneous body response, which is very important while psychological components studying.


GDV Mini Laboratory

GDV Material Testing KIT

A set of accessories "GDV Mini Laboratory" (GDV Material Testing Kit) is designed for laboratory studies of liquids and solids of various origins.

The GDV Scientific Laboratory program in complete set.


GDV Plus

GDV+ (GDV Plus)

GDV+ is a full window, portable add-on device to the GDV Camera and offers extended functionality. It is used to work with disabled people or patients who need to keep to bed, and enables to capture GDV-images of toes, or record the glow of animals and large-size subjects.


GDV Eco-tester

ГРВ Эко-тестер

GDV Eco-Tester is intended for measuring signals of sensors
registering pa­rameter variations of the environment, in off-line mode
without connection to the computer. It can be used together with the
sensors of the GDV Fifth Element.


GDV Compact Eco

GDV Compact Eco

This device is made on the basis of GDV Compact and GDV Ecotester.
It has the best features from both modifications and makes it possible to study the environment and to evaluate the state of human body without computer and electricity. 


GDV Pulse

GDV Pulse

Hardware and software complex "GDV Pulse" represents a combination of two world-known inventions of evaluating of a person's functional state - gas discharge visualization technique (GDV method) and method of pulse diagnosis (VedaPulse).


GDV Light

GDV Light

This light and compact model is indispensible when you are travelling. GDV Light complex consists of hardware and software for the direct computer registration and processing of a subject's energy field. Power supply: from computer.

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