GDV & Liquids

Investigations of the water, biological liquids and materials.

Comparative study of drinking water and the "*****" sample by GDV method

Purpose of work:

Research: determination of GDV characteristics of three water samples.

The content of the work:

Intrinsic sustained activity of bicarbonate aqueous solutions

*Voeikov V.L., Do Ming Ha, Mukhitova O.G., Vilenskaya N.D., Malishenko S.I., Bogachuk A.S.
*Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology, Moscow, Russia

Water, energy and surfaces: an unexpectedly profound linkage

2009 г.

Pollack Gerald H.
Department of Bioengineering Box 355061
University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195

Glimpses on the transfer of information in homeopathic dilutions

2009 г.

Rey L.
Aerial-CRT - Parc d'Innovation- BP 40443 F 67412 ILLKIRCH Cedex (France)
Chemin de Verdonnet 2 - CH 1010 LAUSANNE (Suisse)

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