Quanton method is the innovative way to treat chronic conditions

Igor Ogorodnik

Centrum Aurana, Warsaw


We all want to be healthy and happy, to look good and the most important

thing not to do anything about it. In principle, it was conceived by Nature and the

Supreme Creative Rule: if everything proceeds according to the Law of the Creator

and all kinds of life are coordinated among themselves in a single harmonious

system, then there is no need to worry about anything - all happens automatically,

based on information exchange with the help of biofeedback underlying the selfregulation of biosystems.

We will not analyse, why the Great Principle doesn’t work on Earth in our

time and why we are forced to look for additional ways supporting our homeostasis

on minimum level of Non-sickness, not to mention the full life, filled with the

energy of Co-creation, joy and love.

Everything has its own reason and there are many of them as they are at

different levels of our perception and understanding of the world. There is no way

to understand with our limited consciousness the depth of the cause-effect

relationships that led to the disruption of the synchronicity of biological processes

both inside and outside our body. Even more, it is completely pointless to engage

in the treatment of any pathology without knowing the cause that led to it. The

result of such treatment – even deeper violation of the functioning of the organism,

leading often to a deep pathology, with which the body itself will never cope.

The only correct way is to find the possibility of such an impact on the living

biosystem, which will involve the internal reserves for self-healing and selfregulation

inherent in us from the Mother Nature and called to support homeostasis

during destructive external and internal influences.

To understand how a coherent biosystem works, one needs to look a little

into the world of quantum physics.


We all know how the atom is build. Electrons rotate on different orbits

around a nucleus. Each electron has its own parameters that correspond to its orbit.

If we talk about the atom as a quantum system, then when the quant of energy is

absorbed, the system goes over to another energy level with higher parameters than

the previous one and vice versa: after making the transition to a lower level, the

system radiates the quant of energy. It is a so-called Quantum Leap.

If we call the level of Complete Health - the highest level of the biosystem,

then accordingly the levels of Non-health will be at lower energy levels; so, we can

conclude, that the state of Non-health is the lost energy of the biosystem.

In order to return to the orbit of health we need to stimulate the biosystem by

giving it the necessary quant of energy to such a state, in which self-healing

process of all parameters will occur to the level of the highest coherence - the level

of Total Health.

How can you achieve this?


For the last 10 years I’ve been doing research with my team on the method

of therapy by means of a package of individual selected frequencies in the

decimeter and millimeter frequency range. Very positive biophysical and

biochemical changes take place during such therapy, almost instantly, at the level

of cell membranes of the human body, which is seen during the microscope blood

analysis. We named this method Quanton, which means a tonality that transfers

the biosystem to a higher quantum energy level.

I want to give you one very illustrative example of how the Quanton

method works.

A patient Roman T. came to our center asking for help with a very strong

syndrome of chronic fatigue accompanied by increased drowsiness to such an

extent that he was falling asleep behind the wheel while standing on the red traffic

light. In addition, he was diagnosed with viral hepatitis B, accompanied by pain in

the right upper quadrant, problems with digestion and skin rashes.

The photos from the microscope (Fig. 1) represent the state of the blood of

our patient Roman T. before applying the Quanton method 18.03.2015:

and after a 5-day therapy during which the patient had series of individual

frequencies March 23, 2015 (Fig.2)

As you can see with the naked eye, a complete restoration of the membrane

potentials of erythrocytes took place, reduction of which led to their rulonization, 

and surprisingly all extraneous substances such as: cholesterol, uric acid crystals

and various kinds of symplasts dissolved.

At the same time, the patient's condition improved significantly: the

drowsiness disappeared, digestion improved, and most importantly, after the tests

performed at the place of his residence, the body's response to hepatitis was

reduced twice.

You can see very positive changes in the patient’s energy level in the

pictures done by means of the GDV camera (Fig.3):

Such rapid, profound and effective changes within 5 days, with no side

effects, cannot be achieved chemically or in any other way without using the

process of self-healing and internal energy reserves.

There have been many such cases, but the main thing is that the state of

blood after Quanton therapy keeps on getting better for weeks and even months

due to the inclusion of a self-regulation process that maintains homeostasis in

equilibrium, which in turn increases the stability of metabolic processes. As a

result, partial or complete self-healing occurs.


This effect you can achieve solely by applying a precisely selected

frequency in megahertz or gigahertz range, to a specific problem at a given time.

Finding the appropriate frequency at the right moment, allows you to synchronize

therapy with the biological rhythms of the human body, which greatly increases the

effectiveness of resonance therapy, and allows you to achieve rapid and prolonged

effects. Moreover, the changes take place at a very deep level due to the use of

millimeter and decimeter waves that affect the processes inside and outside the

cell, normalizing metabolic processes. The basis of the described method is an

individual approach to each patient.

With Quanton method you can eliminate during a short time, such diseases

as: migraine, allergies, asthma, Lyme disease, chlamydia, trichomonas, syphilis,

any viral infections, pneumonia, muscle pain of any origin and many other health

problems, difficult to treat by traditional methods.

Each acute inflammatory condition can be eliminated in about 30 minutes,

without side effects, and of course, without the use of medications.

As for the comparison of available resonance methods on the market, such

as Zapper therapy by Hulda Clark, Rife’s Frequency Healing therapy or the

Frequency therapy by Paul Schmidt, all these kinds of treatments are aimed

primarily at eliminating microorganisms by destroying their biological structures

or stimulating physiological processes in low frequency range.

In the first case, we do not understand to the end the role of all

microorganisms in our body, and what is the reason for increasing their number in

some pathological conditions. Therefore, without finding a reason, we cannot

intervene so aggressively in subtle biological processes, even if we know that it is a

pathogenic flora. The biocenosis is disrupted due to chemical, electromagnetic and

radiation effects on the biosystem, violating the pH in the tissues of organs and

fluids of our body, as a result of which, unwanted microorganisms reproduce.

In the second case, stimulation of physiological processes by means of low

frequencies does not lead to persistent and profound changes in biological 

structures, which was confirmed many times in practice. Additionally, when you

affect living tissues with square signal, which doesn’t have equivalents in nature,

you can damage their integrity, because there is no individual frequency selection

by biofeedback and we don’t know what undesirable consequences will occur after

such therapy. Finally, few people know that the generation of square signals is

always accompanied by a sharp peak at the beginning of the impulse (Fig. 4),

which negatively affects the thin field structures of living tissues when exposed to

such a signal.

Fig. 4

The Quanton method uses a sinusoidal signal (Fig. 5), which is similar to the

vibrations and rhythms of natural biological processes. Besides, while creating an

individual package of therapeutic programs, we use biological feedback from the

body, which allows us to assess the degree of positive influences on current

processes and avoid negative effects during the therapy.

Fig. 5

The list of the positive qualities of the Quanton method:

1. Rapid and stable changes in blood quality, taking place from 3 to 5 days after the therapy.

2. Elimination of acute conditions in a short time from 10 to 60 minutes without side effects.

3. Treatment of chronic and sluggish processes in the period from 5 days to several months with the possibility of complete cure.

4. Many patients experience improvement of their health from the first day of the therapy.

5. Complete absence of side effects.

You can conclude that, it is possible to change the polarization in molecular

structures, increase membrane potentials of cells, and normalize the pH of tissues

by acting with magnetic field or a very weak electric current with an appropriately

selected frequency.

I want to quote an excerpt from the old Chinese Apocrypha, in which the

student asks the master Qi-gong:

“Is it true that in the distant past, doctors did not use medicinal herbs or


The Master replied:

"In ancient times, energy was transmitted directly. Acupuncture and

herbs that we use today are a step backwards compared to direct energy


This wisdom indicates that in all life processes, the primary force is energy

and energy communication, which allows the rapid transfer of information between

biological structures.

There are several thousand people in my database from different countries,

which experienced health improvement and their number is constantly growing,

due to the spread of Quanton method among my students.

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