EPC/GDV measurements during reconnection workshop in Los Angeles

Korotkov K., Madappa K.

In Los Angeles a series of measurements have been conducted during Reconnection Healing workshop led by Erick Pearl and Dough DeVito. 5th Element Sensor reaction to human emotions, in particular, to the emotional response of a group of people was found.
   Antenna sensor was positioned in the workshop room and connected to the EPC Camera. All devices were warmed up for 1 hour before the arriving of the participants, and measurements were conducted half an hour before the workshop and during all the day of the workshop. Processing of data was done in “GDV SciLab” program.
   Fig.1-2 demonstrate time dynamics of the Antenna sensor parameters for the first and the second day of workshop with marked moments of interest.

Time dynamics of the 5th Element Sensor parameters
Fig.1. Time dynamics of the 5th Element Sensor parameters for the first day of workshop (September 12, 2008) with marked moments of interest.

The most interesting moments of the presentations 12/09 are as follows:
19.31 - Doug DeVito on podium “Essence Lecture” and then introduces practitioners – jump in Intensity, strong variations in Area.  (sector 2).
20.35 - Eric arrives – increase in Area, which lasts till the end of Eric’s presentation (~22.10).  Variations at Intensity curve during different phases of presentation. (sector 6).
22.10 – 22.31  Eric recaps and summarizes + conveys practical processes for day 2….always laughter and then concludes. – strong peaks at Intensity curve. (sector 7).
During the day Area decrease in the first half of the day, and increased in the second half of the day. Intensity increased practically all the day.
The most interesting moments 13/09 are as follows:
15.04 – 15.43 - Doug with participant demonstrating practical process  of healing (sector 6).
17.05 – 18.02 – Doug and Eric addresses overall process (sector 9).
During the day Area decrease in the first half of the day, and increased in the second half of the day. Intensity increased all the day.

Time dynamics of the 5th Element Sensor parameters

. Time dynamics of the 5th Element Sensor parameters for the second day of workshop (September 13, 2008).

In both days of Reconnective Healing Workshop strong effects when a speaker/trainer steps on-stage, and draws the focused attention of the audience correlated variations of the signal were recorded. After the beginning of a trainer presentation the signal was increasing, in most cases with strong oscillations, while in recess periods the signal dropped down. Marked effects are very well correlated with the effects recorded by Dr. W. Tiller’s team with the equipment operated on absolutely different principles. From the physical point of view it may be related to the formation of areas of decreased entropy in the room due to the focused attention of the participants or, as prof. Tiller claims “associated with the buildup of a negative magnetic charge manifesting in the environment”.
We should take into consideration the following ideas of prof. Tiller:
“As a closing remark, if all the subsystems of the experiment are included in the analysis, it certainly strengthens the statement regarding “only trends” from our experimental measurements can be expected to be meaningful at this time. Further, with Dr. Korotkov’s team making experimental measurements in the same room as us, one should expect information entanglement to occur between their measurement system and ours”!
To prove or disapprove these ideas we need to have a series of further experiments with different modalities of Reconnective Healing.
At any rate, without being concerned on physical explanations, it is clear that the effects of Reconnective Healing Workshops are strong and measurable. We may definitely tell about conditioning of environmental space in the workshop room. Changes of participants Energy Fields and Chakras before and after the workshop demonstrate strong positive effect of this process to psycho-emotional state of people. In the further stages of experiments we need to study the following topics:

  1. Correlation between several similar instruments installed in the same room of the workshop and in different rooms. It will help us to answer the question of space conditioning and the area of Reconnective Healing influence.
  2. Comparison with effects of a group of people at the music concert, political gathering.
  3. Effect of age and gender of participants.
  4. Longitude of Reconnective Healing effects.
  5. Influence of geophysical conditions.
  6. Dependence of effects on the experience, training and other qualities of practitioners.

Correlation of results between Dr. Tiller and Dr. Korotkov teams makes them especially significant and opens perspectives for further understanding of the enigmas of consciousness.

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