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Leonid Doroshenko, Oleg Sorokin, candidate of medical science, Biokvant LLC., Novosibirsk, Russia

Twelve main meridians in TCM

Among the various tasks which can be solved by the digital pulse diagnosis "VedaPulse", the analysis of 12 main meridians is included.

For understanding the results of their analysis, it's necessary to be familiar with the basic beliefs adopted in traditional oriental medicine. In this article are set out these basic concepts. But if we usually focus on the Ayurvedic approach, in this case, the issue will be considered from the standpoint of traditional Chinese medicine.

Meridians, organs and vital energy Qi

Advisor of National Ayurvedic Medical Association of the USA, Dr. Vasant Lad highly praised VedaPulse™ computer pulse diagnosis

Leading developer of software and hardware kit VedaPulse™ Oleg Sorokin recently came back from his trip to the USA where he gave a workshop to Dr. Vasant Lad and his disciples.

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