GDV Sputnik


GDV Sputnik is a sensor and attachment system that affixes to the GDV device, allowing for the energy of an environment to be read.

For example, test the energy of a room before, during and after you meditate to see how energy levels change. Also includes attachments to calibrate your device.

How does GDV Sputnik work?

The Sputnik sensor is connected to the titanium cylinder inserted onto the GDV lens, creating connected resonance contours. Bias current in the electrical chain of this contour depends on the capacitance of space between Sputnik antenna and environmental-grounded and electroconductive subjects. Both geophysical parameters of the particular environment and man-made electromagnetic fields and constructions would influence this capacitance. Emotions are related to the activity of the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system, which changes blood microcirculation, perspiration, blood microcirculation, perspiration, sweating, and other functions of the body, resulting in the changes of the overall conductivity of the body and the conductivity of acupuncture points in particular. Therefore, the presence in the vicinity of the instrument of the emotional people may change the conductivity of space and, hence, the signals of the sensor. This may be related to the formation of areas of decreased entropy in space, or, as Prof. Tiller claims, “associated with the buildup of a negative magnetic charge manifesting in the environment”. Some quantum effects may be involved as well.





  • Measure the energy of different places of interest during travels
  • Allows you to see the influence of Moon phases, Sun storms and environmental conditions to space, and, hence, to your wellbeing.
  • Sputnik allows you to find the best position of a bed in your bedroom.
  • Measure response to human emotions, meditations, pray, both individual and collective within an environment.
  • Sputnik may detect the influence of music to the audience.


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