GDV Camera

The "GDV CAMERA PRO" complex consists of hardware and software for the direct computer registration and processing of a subject's energy field. GDV pictures are created by a unique patented optical system and CCD camera in daylight conditions with real-time processing.

The GDV Camera Pro
enables us to visualise record and computerize the glow of any object. The GDV Camera Pro is a reseach instrument that makes it possible to visualise changes of the human body state in time and to study various biological objects, such as water, blood, ether oils, stones, etc. The GDV-images od objects are recorded in real time scale by an original licensed optical system and camera.

The Software package
of the GDV Camera Pro includes:
  • GDV Capture,

The FULL Software package 2023 of the GDV Camera Pro includes (for additional cost): 

  • GDV Energy Field,
  • GDV Diagram,
  • GDV Chakra,
  • GDV Screening,
  • GDV Sport,
  • GDV Atlas,
  • GDV Motivation,
  • GDV Neurotonus,
  • GDV Interpretation,
  • GD. Veda,
  • GDV Effect,
  • GDV Viewer,
  • GDV Scientific Laboratory.

Features and Conditions


  •     Portable.
  •     Safe for both patient and operator.


The GDV CAMERA PRO includes:

1. "GDV Camera Pro" instrument
2. USB cable
3. Power cord
4. Camera holder
5. Test-object
6. Test-object holder
7. GDV cover with shading cap
8. Reference electrode
9. CD for the Camera drivers and GDV software installation (GDV Capture; GDV Energy Field, GDV Diagram; GDV Chakra, GDV Viewer), and a USB software security lock.
10. GDV filters (10 pieces)
11. Fuses (2 pcs.)
12. Technical data sheet
13. Operating manual
14. Programs Descriptions.

The GDV Software is:

- Oriented on un-qualified user.
- Has a friendly state-of-the-art graphic interface.
- Provided with manuals and help.
- Registration of the GDV-grams can be done in either static or dynamic ("real time") modes
- One-year international guarantee on all parts and labor from date of purchase.

Technical Characteristics:

 1. Operating conditions:
      – air temperature from +10°С  to  +35°С;
      – relative air humidity up to до 75%  at  +30°С;
      – air pressure from  84  to  106,7 kPa  (630 – 800 mm Hg).
   2. Operation - from an external power supply 12±1 V DC.
   3. Maximal power consumption – no more than  35 W.
   4. Weight with accessories – no more than 5 kg.
   5. Overall dimensions – no more than  210x390x120 mm.
   6. Pulse repetition frequency   1000±100 Hz.
   7. Single pulse duration – no more than 10 µs.
   8. Automatic exposure – 0,5 s; 1,0 s; 2 - 32 s.
   9. USB-port control of the operation and image transmission to the computer.
  10. Operation during 8 hours in an off and on operating mode: 30 min of operation should be followed by a 5 min break.  
  11. Average lifetime – no less than 4 years.

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