Indices – analysis of holistic indices – key indicators of a patient's health. With the module you can assess general health level and vital energy, metabolic stress, immunity condition, rate of biological aging, inflammatory threshold, stress level, as well as psychoemotional state of a client (anger, anxiety, depression).

Indices module for VedaPulse

Module contains 3 tabs: Energy, Metabolism, Psychophysiology.

1. The Energy tab displays Energy level index and General health level chart.

The Energy level clearly reflects the vitality supply. With the help of the index, various ranges of energy level changes are visualized:


  • Regulatory range;
  • The range of a slight decrease in the level of energy, psychoasthenia;
  • The range of a significant decrease in energy levels, astheno-neurotic syndrome;
  • Range of very significant reduction – neurovegetative syndrome;
  • The range of high risk of manifestation of genetically determined (Prakriti-dependent) diseases;
  • Excess resource range;
  • Energy stagnation range.

General health level
graph allows you to evaluate the main indices of the VedaPulse Professional program comprehensively, defines the "health range".


The chart shows the following indices:


  • Energy Level;
  • Slagging level;
  • Stress tension level;
  • Integral state of the immune system;
  • Metabolism rate;
  • Regulatory resource;
  • Energy management balance;
  • Metabolism resource.


2. Metabolism tab contains 4 main health indices:

  • metabolic stress level (slagging degree),
  • integral state of the immune system,
  • rate of biological aging,
  • inflammatory threshold.

Each index has a visual scale of norm and pathological deviation, as well as an automatically generated text block of individual index descriptions for each patient.

Metabolic stress level (slagging level) index reflects the effectiveness of Detox systems (liver, kidneys, colon microbiota, Apana Vata system, Dhatu Agni) as well as accumulation and elimination of intermediate metabolic products (Ama or toxins). The index is actively used by specialists when conducting Detox programs in order to monitor the effectiveness of the program.

Integral state of the immune system index assesses the level of immunological resistance to viruses, bacteria and fungi. The index reveals a tendency to the development of immunodeficiency, allergies and autoimmune pathology. Shows the degree of Ojas consumption.

Rate of biological aging index evaluates the rate of energy cost (Prana, Qi) on the course of metabolic processes. Its changes indicate the presence of hormonal dysfunction and reflect the rate of aging of the physical body.

Inflammatory threshold index reflects the activity of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant systems, the presence of acute or aggravated chronic inflammatory process. Reflects the risk zones of chronic inflammatory diseases exacerbation. Allows effective control of anti-inflammatory therapy.

3. Psychophysiology tab contains 2 graphs: Stress level and Psychoemotional state (anger, anxiety, depression).

Stress level index reflects the presence of autonomic dysfunction in the regulation of internal organs, the severity of psychosomatic processes, the level of anxiety, the activity of stress-implementing systems, the presence of an oxidative stage of stress. Allows the specialist to evaluate objectively the effectiveness of anti-stress programs, clearly demonstrating the result to the patient.

Psychoemotional state chart allows you to determine the level of anxiety, depression, anger, and their nature, whether acute/reactive (e.g. reactive anxiety) or chronic.

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