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Pulse Analysis Device "VedaPulse Professional"

VedaPulse Professional device

VedaPulse is a hardware and software kit for performing pulse analysis and creating an individual rehabilitation program based on naturopathy.

How does VedaPulse work?

VedaPulse Pro  
  • Electrical and mechanical occurrences happening in the heart create external characteristics of the pulse wave.
  • VedaPulse analyses the heart rate variability using mathematical methods.
VedaPulse Pro  
  • It allows estimating functions of particular organs and systems, as well as the patient’s health state in general.


Which principles are used to analyze the heart rhythm?

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis method, which lies in is the basis of the algorithm of VedaPulse kit, is recommended by European Society of Cardiology and North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (1996).


How to use VedaPulse :

VedaPulse software 2018 
  • Install the Vedapulse software program and connect the device to PC/laptop.
VedaPulse software 2018 
  • Please electrodes on the wrists. Register cardio signal during 5 minutes.
VedaPulse software 2018 
  • The software program evaluates functional health status and creates recommendations for individual rehabilitation program.


Download the latest multi-language version of VedaPulse software >>

Works in DEMO-mode without the security key for trying it and see main features of VedaPulse software!

We offer each specialist a personal solution based on individual tasks and requirements:

  • For Naturopath - VedaPulse is an expert system that allows a health consultant to perform an express test of functional state of the body, evaluate stress level and help provide individual recommendations for rehabilitation including diet, food supplements, aromatherapy, herbs and correction of lifestyle.
  • For Acupuncture specialist (TCM specialist) - VedaPulse will perform analysis of “organ pulse”, evaluate bioenergy and help create detailed acupuncture prescription with a visual map of biologically active points.
  • For Ayurveda specialist - VedaPulse will perform analysis of Vikruti: Dosha and Subdosha balance, Agni Dhatu, balance of Pancha Mahabhuta, “Pulse of the organs” and will help form expert recommendations for diet, herbal therapy, aroma therapy and lifestyle.
  • For Health Consultant - VedaPulse allows performing an express test of functional state of the body, evaluating stress level and helps provide individual recommendations for rehabilitation. It will also help monitor rehabilitation process.
  • For Director of Wellness center - VedaPulse will help provide first consultation, perform express testing of functional state of the body and create rehabilitation recommendations which can be used by any specialist in the Wellness center during rehabilitation procedures. It will also allow evaluating dynamics of rehabilitation process.
  • For Massage and Bioenergy specialist - VedaPulse will perform analysis of “organ pulse”, bioenergy and will help create detailed prescription for reflexology zones of the foot with visual pictures
  • VedaPulse for Home use - VedaPulse will allow to independently monitor your own state, keep a health diary, exchange data with a specialist for a timely control and advice, as well as perform autogenic training to boost the process of the body’s self-regulation.
  • For Food Supplements sales specialist - VedaPulse will evaluate functional state of a client and help create recommendations for food supplements based on the client’s individual constitution and current condition.

The device package contains:

  • VedaPulse PRO device for registering electrical potentials of the heart;
  • USB cable;
  • ECG electrodes - 2 pc.;
  • Signal cable for electrodes;
  • USB security key.

Basic version of the VedaPulse Professional software includes:

  • Academic analysis module:

   - recording of the heart rhythm,
   - analysis of heart rate variability (spectral analysis, Baevsky indices).

  • 1 year garantee period, 
  • free training course
  • technical support, 
  • free downloading of software upgrade (1 year).


Full version of the VedaPulse Professional software includes basic version of the VedaPulse with all additional extentions (they can be puchased separately):
Diagnostic unit
  • Constitution - analysis of the constitution type from the perspective of Ayurvedic medicine and modern approaches in physiology.
  • Osteopathy - define the connection between spinal pathologies and diseases of the internal organs with very high accuracy, thus assist in developing the most effective individual rehabilitation strategy for the clients.
  • Organ Pulses (Meridians) - designed to assess the functional state of 12 vital organs in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
  • Functional diagnosis  - this module is designed for Ayurveda practitioners. Includes three tabs: “Subdosha”, “Pancha Macha Bhuta”, “Agni Dhatu”.
  • Bioenergy - evaluation of energy in Raja centers (Chakras) that are connected with internal organs; modeling of the energy field
  • Music of the Heart - transforms heart rhythm into melody. Analysis of the consonance/dissonance balance and entropy (chaos/harmony).
  • Dynamics - allows evaluating the dynamics of functional state of the patient after any therapeutic influence.
  • EpiGenetics - generate a list of genes to be checked on the base of the patient's constitutional type.
  • Telemetry - it is intended for exchanging results of the study between users of "Vedapulse Professional" and "Vedapulse Home".
  • Tongue Diagnosis - the qualitative analysis of the functional systems (organs) of the body from the perspective of different traditional health systems, such as Ayurveda, TCM and Tibetan medicine.
  • Thermography - functional diagnostics of pathological processes in musculoskeletal system and organs based on a safe and non-invasive method of medical thermography (thermal imaging).
Rehabilitation unit

  • Diet Therapy and Lifestyle recommendations - allows creating detailed recommendations for constitutionally balanced diet.
  • Herbal Encyclopedia - allows creating a constitutional herbal composition based on principles of Eastern herbal therapy.
  • Aroma Encyclopedia - correction of psychoemotional disorders (depression, anxiety, anergy, etc.); individual selection of essential oils for such procedures as Panchakarma (deep body cleansing) and Rasayana (rejuvenation).
  • Food Supplements - helps select Food Supplements for correction of disorders based on individual constitution of the patient.
  • Lifestyle - determines the individual characteristics of a person's lifestyle depending on the constitutional type of organism.
  • Yoga Therapy - allows creating yoga program with a consideration of individual constitution and diseases.
  • Acupunture (TCM) - allows creating individual recipe for reflexology therapy.
  • Foot Massage - traditional Chinese massage of reflex zones of the foot.
  • Quantum Physiotherapy - individual physiotherapeutic recommendations for the quantum treatment based on the VedaPulse assessment.
  • Meditation (Biofeedback) - visualization and evaluation of effectiveness of different techniques: breathing training (pranayama, qigong), autotraining, reiki, yoga, etc.
  • Auriculotherapy - acupuncture prescriptions for the treatment, preventive measures and health improvement by influencing the points on the ear.
  • Biorhythms - synchronization of internal and external biorhythms on basis of TCM (“Zi Wu Liu Zhu” and “Ling Gui Ba Fa”) or Ayurveda (Circadian rhythms) algorithms.
  • EHF Therapy - it allows creating an individual EHF prescription for the treatment, prevention and health improvement with due consideration of the patient’s constitution.
  • Cupping Therapy - intended for stimulation of the biologically active zones using vacuum cupping.
  • Hirudotherapy - creates a personified program for the work with the patient’s specific biologically active points using various Rakta Moksha procedures.
  • Thermal therapy - is develop to provide personal recommendations on the optimal temperature - humidity mode and the steaming mode for the steaming room.


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