GDV Mini Laboratory


A set of accessories "GDV Mini Laboratory" (GDV Material Testing Kit) is designed for laboratory studies of liquids and solids of various origins (water, blood samples, seeds, plants, stones, and much more). This set can be used with GDV Camera device only, and is not compatible with Compact, Express, Light, Pulse and other GDV devices.

User manual describes methodology for recording and comparative analysis of GDV images of various objects. The Mini-Lab includes special GDV software: GDV Scientific Laboratory that can be used to develop custom processing of electro-photonic GDV images for research purposes.

The "GDV Material Testing Kit" includes:

  • User's Manual for the GDV Mini Laboratory
  • CD demo version
  • Screwdriver
  • Syringe for insulin injections
  • Syringe with a glass tip
  • Syringe with deep grounding
  • Set for capturing large-size subjects
  • Shading cap on the set for capturing large size subjects
  • Dielectric part of the fixing device for glass cups
  • Metal part of the fixing device for glass cups

Hardware: Set of accessories for testing liquids and materials  +  Demo CD

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