Workshop "GDV Technologies 2015"

Workshop "GDV Technologies 2015"


June 30 – July 3, 2015    
St. Petersburg, Russia

Dear investigators, practitioners, doctors, specialists in alternative medicine, ecologists, trainers on healthy life-style and everyone, who:

  • wants to know something  new;
  • is interested in GDV technologies;
  • wants to be a GDV trainer;
  • strives for higher level of excellence


You are invited to the Workshop

June 30 – July 3, 2015    
St. Petersburg, Russia

The main topics of the seminar:

  • Work with GDV equipment;
  • Work with “GDV Software”;
  • Interpretation of GDV images
  • Demonstration of new equipment.

Workshop fees:

Level 1 – 400 euro;

Level 2 – 450 euro;

Level 3 – 500 euro.


Workshop fees cover:

  • four days workshop attendance;
  • coffee-breaks;
  • GDV certification;
  • 10 % discount on GDV equipment and software during the workshop;
  • updating of GDV software older than 2 years 25% of the Software cost (during the workshop)
  • preventive testing of the equipment.


Workshop levels

Level 1

  • Course is focused on study of the basics of work with GDV hardware and software.
  • Course is recommended for people, who have not studied the GDV equipment before, or studied it without assistance or in a brief course (6 hours).

Level 1 course includes:

- training of working with GDV devices – connection, calibration, capturing of GDV images

- training of working with the main programs of “GDV Software”;

- interpretation of GDV images;

- getting familiar with GDV devices, attachments, all GDV programs of the “GDV Software”;

- course about application of GDV in commerce.

Level 2

  • Course is focused on raising the level of GDV specialists’ skills. It is an advanced training program.
  • Course is recommended for people, who have studied GDV technique on level 1 and have operational experience with GDV equipment; for persons interested in complementary knowledge about testing of materials, environment, and space; for persons interested in raising the level of skills in practical work with people. 

Level 2 course includes:

- testing of students (Level1 test) with analysis of mistakes;

- GDV in commerce;

For persons who interested in complementary knowledge about testing of materials, environment, and space:

- training of working with “GDV Minilaboratory”, GDV 5-th Element, GDV Eco-Tester and GDV Compact Eco (NEW!);
- training of working with “GDV SciLab” program;

For persons who work with people:

- training of work with new programs of “GDV Software”;

- training of work with “Feet attachment”;

- deep level of interpretation of GDV data.

The course contains studies of interpretation as play-based activities, as well as of data interpretation practice using real clinical cases as examples.

Level 3

It has been created for the representatives of “Biotechprogress” who are eager to have the right of teaching others to use GDV technologies. The course has two additional days of individual training. Trainees are taught according to the second-level program during the first four days of training. At the end of the second-level training the trainees are tested in order to determine the areas where they lack knowledge. According to the test results, an individual program is formed for each participant.


This year the Workshop will be held before the Congress: from June 30 up to July 3. A new format of GDV training is planned: with a lot of practice and final testing in the form of a game.  

By holding the Workshop before the Congress you will be able to get more impressions from the famous White Nights of Saint Petersburg, to enjoy fine weather and to discuss the information obtained at the seminar with your colleagues at the Congress. You will have more time for taking decisions on buying new GDV equipment and software with a discount. 

We will be glad to welcome you!

You can learn more details or apply for participation on: 
tel.: +79112241784,
Contact person: Pomazova Nadezhda

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