GDVsource International Wellness Symposium

GDVsource International Wellness Symposium

September 26-29th, 2013 Hilton Waikoloa Village
Hawaii, USA

We are excited to announce the 1st International Wellness Symposium on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Immerse yourself in serenity, revitalize your senses, and drink in the beauty of the stunning untamed nature of Hawaii Big Island - home of wild dolphins, volcanos and tropical paradise.  Join us for this amazing opportunity in Hawaii to share the most recent global GDV research in the fields of validating health and wellness.

Mary Milroy, CEO of GDVsource, which is America’s leading education and research company using Dr. Konstantin Korotkov’s GDV kirlian technology has assembled an exciting array of researchers and workshops.  Further, dolphin swimming in the lagoon and at sea, volcano tours and ATV riding on the ocean cliffs are a few of the many activity options available for an additional cost.  

During this symposium in paradise, hear the latest research being done in North America and around the world in health & wellness, cancer therapy, structured water measurement, agricultural testing, and environmental energy testing, to name a few. 

Explore the possibilities of the GDV camera, (and it’s related devices such as the Fifth Element and Eco-tester), which are considered the global gold standard of energy measurement and analysis. The GDV camera is a research device as well as a diagnostic tool which is used to measure the human response to a stimulus via the energy fields. Research topics will include groundbreaking studies in the efficacy of vibrational medicine, (such as color and sound therapy), dolphin energy, and elemental energy analysis.

Curious about the technology, but don't own a GDV device???  Or, are you bringing your spouse or friends, who are interested in health and wellness?  Enroll in the Health and Wellness track, which offers skills and techniques to maintain the island paradise state of relaxation and harmony using the theories of Oriental Medicine, Colorpuncture and Sound Therapy, and daily Qi Gong practice.  The Health & Wellness track also includes a dolphin swim in the Hilton Waikoloa Lagoon as well as before and after GDV photos.



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