Ecological device “MELT WATER”

Price, Euro: 
300 Euro
Ecological device “MELT WATER”

This device "Melt Water" is used for:

- temporary (up to 48 hours) neutralization of the effects of various toxic substances that may be present in food, water, drinks, tobacco products and other goods that are directly in contact with the human body (including cosmetics, shampoos, etc.) - "PURIFICATION" mode;

- preparation of "melt" water at home - "MELT WATER" mode. The main active principle of the device is a complex multicomponent matrix that modulates weak electromagnetic radiation of the device in such a way that it (modulated radiation) reacts with toxic substances in the products at the molecular level. This interaction is mediated by the water. Modulated radiation causes structural changes in the water as follows:

- The unstructured part of the water due to specific activation of the hydrogen bonds is able to retain the molecules of toxic substances, neutralizing their biological activity;

- In the structured part of the water all information on the toxic substance is erased;

- The water restores its original structure.

As a result of the above-mentioned effects, toxic substances lose the ability to display their negative properties for up to 48 hours. This is enough for the complete absorption of all the useful parts of products into the body. It was experimentally proved that toxic substances after such treatment do not change quantitatively, but radically change their quality - they are no longer digested and unchanged removed through the body's excretory system.

In the "Melt water" mode the device changes the structure of water, giving it the melt water properties - ice-like structure, chemical and informational purity, reduced effect of deuterium.

Technical data:

Maximum output power - no more than  0,005 W
Device's radius of action from the center of working surface. 0,3 m
The time of setting up the working mode 2 sec
The time of continiously device's work (timer) 3-5 min
Charging of the device is done using a AC adapter 4,5-9 V
Storage time of the device is not less than 5 years
Overall dimensions 40x120x175 mm
Weight of the device 200 gramm
The device provides the color indications of the mode: "PURIFICATION" - green light 
"MELT WATER" - Blue light
The temperature mode of using from +5°С to +40°С
Relative air humidity up to 80%











The package contents include products and operaional documents listed below:

  • Device “MELT WATER”;
  • Adapter;
  • Certificate; 
  • Packaging.

Warranty period:

- 12 months from the date of sale or
- 18 months from date of manufacture.

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