Protective ecological device “BALANCE”

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200 Euro
"Balance" device

This device is designed to neutralize the negative effects of electromagnetic fields produced by industrial and domestic waste on the human body and normalize the functioning of the whole organism, supporting the major systems of the body in adaptation to external conditions (mode "Balance").

The device also has a function of protection from external psycho-emotional aggression (mode "Protection").
The operation of the device can be summarized as follows. Generating weak, specially modulated electromagnetic fields the device significantly increases the level of natural protection of the human body from the effects of chaotic man-made electromagnetic fields.
According to the results of scientific studies, the effect of the device appears to normalize cerebral vascular tone. As a result, it improves blood supply to all parts and structures of the brain, which, in turn, improves the functioning of the various systems of the brain and centers of higher physiological regulation (pituitary, hypothalamus, etc.).
Also it can improve your body's ability to use energy sources , thereby increasing the overall resistance of the body, normalizing the immune system.
At the level of subjective sensations it improves mood, vitality, preserves activity, increases memory, intelligence and efficiency, reduces  fatigue, normalizes sleep.    
When using as protection from external aggression, user’s psychological and emotional stability to adverse external influences (anger, rage, irritability, etc.)  noticeably increases. Furthermore, in the impact zone of the device (approximately 3 meters), all the sources of such negative influence after 2-3min. calm down, become less aggressive and irritable, less conflict, lose interest in the situation that neutralizes the negative psycho-emotional background and  the conflict itself. The device can also reduce unmotivated aggression of its user.
ATTENTION! The device can be operated in a temperate climate, with temperatures ranging from +5 to +40 °C and relative air humidity up to 80% at a temperature of 20 ° C.
The device is powered by the built-in battery. The built-in rechargeable battery is charged from an AC voltage of 220 ± 15% and a frequency of 50 Hz via 9V adapter that comes with the device.

  • Maximum output signal-no more than         0,001W
  • The range of the instrument field:
  1. "balance" mode  (green)   1.5 m
  2. "protection" mode (red) 3.0 m
  • Warm-up time                 1 s.
  • The device is powered by built-in rechargeable power source (battery).
  • Charging of the device is done using a 4,5-9V AC adapter and 50 Hz voltage of 220 ± 15% V;
  • Full-charge time - 16-17 hours. We recommend charging the device after a full discharge of the battery.
  • Overall dimensions - 89 x 50 x 16 mm.
  • Weight of the device without an adapter - 50 gram.
  • The device provides an indication of:
  1. Mode of neutralizing of EMR radiation - "Balance" (green light);
  2. Mode of neutralization of psycho-emotional aggression -  "Protection" (red light);
  3. Mode of network adapter connection (blue light).
  • While charging, the body temperature of the device and the adapter can increase to 45-50 °C.

The package contents include products and operational documents listed below:
  • Device "BALANCE", 
  • Adapter, 
  • Certificate, 
  • Packaging.

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